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K-1st  Davon Rainford


 2nd -5th Lisa Vaught

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We are excited to begin another great year at Chapel Hill Elementary School, where success is a tradition! 

 Mrs. Rainford will be your child's counselor for K-1st and Mrs. Vaught will be your child's counselor for grades 2nd - 5th.


For more information:

Mrs. Elisa Vaught will be beginning her twenty-sixth year at Chapel Hill Elementary School as your school counselor. She has lived in Douglas County most of her life and attended Douglas County schools as a student. Before coming back home to Douglas County, she worked in Cobb County for four years as a Pre-K Resource Coordinator. Her educational background includes a Masters in Counseling and Educational Psychology from University of West Georgia and a B.A. degree in Social Work with a minor in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Mrs. Vaught stated "My desire as your child's school counselor is to assist your child in removing social and emotional barriers that that could impede their learning. I am here to help teach your child the skills they need to have the best school experience he/she can while at Chapel Hill Elementary. If I have not had the opportunity to meet you, I look forward to the opportunity and to working with you and your children this year."

For more information:

If you have any questions about the guidance program please feel free to contact Mrs. Davon Rainford K-1st or Mrs. Elisa Vaught 2nd-5th.

What is the Elementary Counseling and Guidance Program?

The elementary school counseling program is one piece of the total school program and compliments learning in the classroom. It is child-centered, preventive, and developmental. The program encourages students' social, emotional and personal growth at each stage of their development. The purpose of counseling with students is to help maximize their potential and achieve academic success. The counseling and guidance program provides elementary students with assistance in:

Understanding the decision-making process.

Maintaining effective relationships with peers and adults.

Developing effective study skills.

Being prepared to make the transition to the next grade and middle school.

Gaining an understanding of the world of work.

How does the elementary school counseling program work and what are the benefits for students?

Students are seen individually and in the small group setting when requested and determined appropriate. It is short-term, voluntary and confidential.  If you are seeking long-term support for your child, the school counselors and social work and have outside community resources lists available upon request.  Parental notification is given in the event that your child has been recommended for small group. Students can be seen by the counselor when: parents, teachers/staff or administrators request for them to be seen by the counselor. Upper grade students can also refer themselves by filling out a Just Ask... form (2nd-5th) located in the box outside of the Guidance classroom (Rm. 301) or by the Just Ask Google form that can be found in your child's Counseling Google Classroom. The school counselor helps students become motivated learners and encourages them to discuss concerns with their parents. When students work through their emotional issues, with the help of their parents and counselor, they are able to devote attention and energy to the intellectual tasks at school.  

Chapel Hill Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement

It is the mission of the School Counseling Program of Chapel Hill Elementary School to recognize and respect the unique qualities of each student and guide all students toward academic, personal/social, and career success using a comprehensive guidance program. Through collaboration with students, staff, parents/guardians and community we aim to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitude to become effective life-long learners.

Chapel Hill Elementary School Counseling Program Philosophy

The Professional Counselor believes:

- All students have the ability to achieve academically, socially, emotionally in his or her own learning and developmental style.

- All students have the right to learn in a safe and supportive environment.

- All students should be treated with respect, dignity and with high priority.

- School counselors serve as leaders by providing skills, interventions, and community resources for staff, parents and community.

- Students have the right to have a comprehensive school counseling program, differentiated and adapted to meet the needs of all students.

- All students have access to a highly qualified professional school counselor.

The Comprehensive School Counseling program should:

- Impact school improvement and student achievement.

- Use and provide data to evaluate the effectiveness of the school counseling program on school improvement and student achievement.

- Address academic, career, and personal social standards provided by the American School Counseling Association through the avenues of classroom guidance, small group, and individual support.

- Implement proactive school wide events towards student’s success.

- Connect school to community.

- Provide information to staff and parents on community resources.

- Collaborate and consult with staff, parents, and community members concerning student achievement.

- Respond to crisis situations.

The School Counselor:

- Will abide by ethical standards provided by the American School Counseling Association and Georgia Department of Education.

- Attend ongoing professional development courses to learn how to better impact student achievement and school improvement.

- Work diligently to provide a comprehensive and organized school counseling program to support student success.

Become a Mentor Today!!!

The Douglas County School System has a wonderful mentoring program in place to provide positive role models for students, and to provide priceless volunteer opportunities for adults. Our school is looking for adults who are available to commit to becoming a mentor for children in our school, or any other school in Douglas County. Mentors spend time with their mentees during school hours. The mission of the mentoring program is, "To ensure all students have positive, caring, supportive adult role models as part of their lives to enhance their chances for success in school, complete their education, and grow up to be contributing citizens".

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a mentor, or call 770- 651-2039 or email:

Virtual Resources

All virtual resources are included on  Mrs. Rainford's and Mrs. Vaught's individual pages.

All career and technical education programs follow the DCSS BOE’s  policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, and disability in all programs, services, activities, and employment.  In addition, arrangements can be made to ensure that the lack of English language proficiency is not a barrier to admission or participation.














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